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Loss of Integrity

I posted about my new job at Integrity back on January 4th. I'd been working there since December 17th and having a great time as a contractor for them. But we parted ways on January 10th and I've been looking for other work since then. I have nothing but love for that company and my coworkers there, so hopefully they are open to working with me once again in the future. Before I move on from there I did want to cover a few quick notes about what the work I did while I was there.

The first small project I did was a single page listing of codes. Integrity had previously created a mobile game for Coors Light called Silver Bullet Throwdown. In the game, you can enter codes from beer cans that give you advantages or temporary cheats. I was given a list of codes that Miller's employees were going to use internally for a promotion and made a simple page with the codes in a straight bullet list. That was super easy.

The big project I spent most of my time on after that was for a regular client of Integrity called Contegix, an advanced hosting provider. They had a massive redesign in the pipeline that had already been done by other folks at Integrity, but I started work on the mobile version of the site. There's a fancy theme switcher WordPress plugin for the site that detects a mobile user and changes the theme to a much simpler and functional one designed for a cellphone. Between myself and a few others on the same team, we hammered that out as quickly as possible. The content was already in place and many of the design elements were the same from the desktop version. There was an existing composition designed for the mobile theme, so most of the work was stripping away elements from a copy of the desktop version and minimizing the width of the template to fit a handheld. This week, Integrity posted to their blog about the completion of the project and I'm proud of my contribution there.

There were a few other projects I contributed to but none I need to go into for my sake. But what I'll remember most about this job is the team contribution aspect. I got introduced to a lot of new tools that I'd not used much before; Git, GitHub, Coda, CodeKit, Bootstrap, LESS --not to mention the whole idea of web development on a Mac, which I've missed doing for too long. But the biggest enjoyment for me came from working on a great team and sharing skills, tasks and responsibilities. I'll miss that job.

Oh, and another cool thing about working at Integrity was the classy location. I've always loved the Delmar Loop and the Tivoli theater is the most iconic building there for me. The office was on the fourth floor of the same building and the window behind my desk looked out right at the big Tivoli sign.

How cool is that?

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