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Flickr is Relevant Again? Hooray!

There was some recent news and much rumor-mongering about Yahoo! buying Tumblr. Amid the noise of a million teenage girls suddenly crying out in terror, some good news has been missed. It would appear that there has been a major update to Flickr. I've mentioned Flickr before and despite the fact that the site has kind of fallen by the way side with all the photo sharing on Facebook, it would appear that parent company Yahoo! has just released a major update that greatly expands both the usefulness and attraction of the site.

First off, every member gets a Terabyte of storage. I'd bumped up against this limit when space ran out and they no longer supported free space for @sbcglobal.net accounts. Now all of my public photos are accessible to not only me, but anyone that cares to see them.

Secondly, all photos get shared in their full quality, which is nice I guess. Thirdly, the site now has much better mobile apps and connectivity with mobile users which will really boost their users.

These are the things that they've talked loudly about, but what really impressed me was the new improved layout for their entire site. It's much more modern and fluid. I'd talk about this all a bit more, but I'm going to post a few more photos to the site and play around with the new interface.

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