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There I Am on Google Street View

Although I'd nearly forgotten about it, at some point last year (2012) I was driving in to work at SoTel, and I passed by the Google Street View car. Being an informed geek, I've known about Google Street View since it's very controversial beginnings. I've been interested and at times mildly alarmed at the lengths to which Google seemed to be going to build this weird photographic database of common everyday locations. And I knew vaguely what the cars that took the photos looked like. My house was not yet pictured but many locations I was familiar with happened to be.

So on my way to work one morning, I was running a tad late. But suddenly there in front of me in the opposite side of the street was a very obviously branded Google car. Behind the wheel was a bored looking young woman. My window was down and I leaned out and waved my arm in the most obvious way I could manage.

Of course, logically the photos wouldn't appear on the site right away. But it was not clear how long it would take to update. So every few months, I'd take another look at the street where I was but it wasn't updated yet.

Then I checked it again today.

That's kind of awesome. I'm famous!


The picture of me on Street View has been updated and I am no longer there. Here's an update post.

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