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Drafting and Blogging

I'm so meta-hipster, I've been blogging about blogging since before it was cool.

This will be my 415th published post on this blog. There are also about 200 drafts stored in Blogger, but not finished or posted. I apparently do that a lot, although this blog has been in existence for a long while so it's not really that surprising... I wonder...

Oh wow. In ten days this blog will be ten years old! That's pretty impressive to me.

Many times an idea for a blog post will occur to me. Perhaps I'll read about something and want to respond. Or I'll want to review a movie, book or album I just got. I post the basic details and a link without really any meat to the post and save it as a draft for finishing later. But now there are a lot of unfinished posts and that bugs me. And of course, this isn't my only blog just my main one.

But it's a good problem to have. There's a lot of other things I think about for how this blog and my others are connected. Lately I've been thinking about combining things into one site to be easier to manage, despite the fact they are contextually very different.

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