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Cleaning Away My Dastardly Plan

One of many blogs I started with one plan that morphed into another and then another was something I called Dastardly Plan. It was hosted originally on a small 10mb webspace account that I had through Charter back when we lived in Aspen Woods apartments. We cancelled the account with Charter, but the webspace was still available so I started toying with it. The first post is dated from October 2004. I think some of my first posts were random complaints about internal job frustrations, inside jokes and other random references that didn't seem appropriate anywhere else.

I quickly found that I could photos from my Flickr account to this blog and it became a bit of a photo blog. I consider an official "photo" blog to be where someone shares their absolute best and most favorite pictures. And I just manually posted every photo I could from Flickr to my Dastardly Plan. I also experimented with a lot of other linking tools and blog banners. It was a sandbox, a play yard, a goofy space to show off stupid tricks.

And today I'm retiring it. Historically, I'd gotten behind posting photos from Flickr and then the number of archived photos I could access got too far behind for their standard account limit so I just stopped in 2011. More recently, Flickr has greatly increased their features for standard users, meaning I can get to those old pictures more easily. But I've also been using IFTTT for the past couple of months to automatically post my photos to my WordPress blog.

IFTTT Recipe: New photo on flickr will create a new photo post in your blog

SO it is time to clean house a bit. From this moment, I'm going to start cleaning up these old posts and importing any of the still active photo posts into my other site at James A. Arconati.net.

Say goodbye and good riddance to ArcoJedi's Dastardly Plan as well as all it's former URLs.

  • http://dastardlyplan.blogspot.com/
  • http://webpages.charter.net/arcojedi/

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