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PSA: Charter Bumps 30 Mbps Customers to 100 Mbps, For Free (Speed Test)

One of my Facebook chums posted the following public service announcement.

If you have Charter home internet and are in the STL area, you should call them and see if you can have them upgrade you to the 100 Mbps download speed for free.

And I thought this was at least worth looking into. I found this:

Effective Tuesday, June 10, 2014, existing eligible Residential Charter Internet customers in the St. Louis, Missouri, metro area will receive an automatic increase to their Internet speed for no additional cost, the notification states. The St. Louis market is the only Charter area to provide New Pricing and Packaging (NPP) customers 100 Mbps of download speed and upload speeds of 4 Mbps.

So I made a phone call. Here's my speed test results beforehand.

Ping: 46ms, DL: 16.28Mbps, UL: 3.24Mbps

The first rep I spoke to was not native to the US and did not seem familiar with the special increase. I asked more directly and was transferred to a more local rep. He indicated that my account should be at 60Mbps (not 30) but that a quick modem reset would get me the 100 Mbps. A few minutes later and...

Ping: 8ms, DL: 78.06Mbps, UL: 4.27Mbps

Wow! Okay, that phone call was definitely worth it. And this is all for no increase or change in my plan or price.

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