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Bastilles, Mississippi Nights, Bernard's Pub... and my high school days following the St. Louis Music Scene

Back in high school, mid-90s, me and the buds would sometimes frequent a place called Bastilles and I was reminiscing on it today. I think I saw the Urge there and/or perhaps MU330 and/or Sinister Dane and/or Fragile Porcelain Mice, and so on. Jeff K. and I would have likely gone many times.

First occasion of slam dancing happened there.

Likely first understanding for me that as a trombone player, I could still be in a rock band. All my friends were sax/trumpet/guitar players.

One of the times I was there last, some unnamed punk/grunge band was playing and someone opened a can of mace that cleared the place out.

Today, I was trying to recall where it was (in town) since the other clubs I recalled were mostly downtown or in the loop. Other places included Mississippi Nights, Club 367, Bernard's Pub, and... Meshuggahs in the Loop? There were others too.

I got the message that Bastilles was at Kehrs Mill Rd and Clayton. I checked Google Street View and found that there's a UMB Bank there now. Meh.

But then I noted that there's a place I recognized just down the road; Wolf Public House. Back in 2013, when I was in Dirty Soap, we played a several hour gig there. I checked their site's calendar and there we are!

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