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LiningUp.net - Get in Line for Star Wars Episode III in Hollywood!

Apparently, the Star Wars group that I have been following have their own web site. Here is a quote straight from the home page.

LiningUp.net - Get in Line for Star Wars Episode III in Hollywood!: "Liningup.net is the place to learn more about participating in our line up for Star Wars: Episode III at the world famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre and other events. This site is brought to you by the members of the Episode I & II lines."

I also double checked the original LiveJournal user's site; patschmitz: In the News; and there was a user who had posted a link to download a .WAV file of a Netherlands radio interview with one of the guys in line.

Robin Hood Robin Hood Radio interview
[info] robinhood86
2005-04-07 15:36 (link)
Here's a wav file of an interview aired on Dutch national radio: http://www.michielveenstra.nl/misc/liningup.wav (right click + save target as)

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