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Classmates - Parkway North High School Group Message Board

On this message board on Classmates.com, kids from my high school from years '93, '78, '79, '80 debate the best Senior Prank ever. I'm impressed by the '78 class that brought in millions of crickets because they were still around the place during my time in '90-'94. The one class somehow got a Volkswagon Beetle into the library, a difficult task considering the library is on the second floor! I think it was more impressive when the drama department managed to get a similar Volkswagon Beetle onto the stage of the theatre in '93 or '94. Considering this stage is in the exact center of the building and they had to bribe the weight-lifting club to wedge the admittedly engine-less vehicle (from a junkyard) through the band room, down a short hallway, around a tight corner and up a half flight of stairs... Well, that season's production of GodSpell certainly benefitted once the old junker was painted a bright 'Mexican' orange.

I think our class was going to hire a 'stripper' for one of the assistant principals to show up during first lunch --and this had a tacit approval of the entire administration. However, the idea was nixed when a few bad guys lit a gasoline powered bonfire on the football field at Parkway Central. Take that you yuppies!

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