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My first comment spam!

*Applause* If you check out the post I created with the lyrics to Seventy-Six Trombones, you will see that I just got a comment from someone I DON'T know, meaning that they found me based off my content, and then decided that my content was worth linking to theirs.

To learn more about comment spamming, go to this page about Link Spam.

The GOOD news: This means that my site is potentially getting some small amount of attention out there in the world on search engines and such. This is activity which (most likely) has nothing to do with my friends and family. I'm 'out-there', so to speak. Someone was probably looking for content like the lyrics I posted, and then wanted the link from there badly enough to spend 27 seconds or so adding it...

The BAD news: It's comment spam. Enuff said!

Thanks, tomc, for spamming me...

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