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Darn you "Live T.V."!

Curses! Man, that is a fun word to say. Just try it: "CURSES!!" Usually, you picture this word being uttered by maniacal over-the-top villians in a comic book or cartoon. However, I've been saying it a few times lately and it is not because I've been up to any villiany (not that I'd blog about it if I was - mwu-hahah).

The reason I've been saying it lately has to do with our television. There's nothing wrong with our television, really, it's great and works fine. However, we have DishNetwork. Along with our package they also included PVR.

PVR stands for Person Video Recorder and is the feature that allows you to pause and rewind live TV. Essentially this is Tivo, if you 'kennit? Not that PVR is going to bring about world peace or anything, but it has really opened our eyes a bit and changed the way that we view TV. We commonly will start a show but pause it, take a break to eat dinner, answer the phone, go to the store and then come back and start from where we left and miss nothing. The interface on how to do this is pretty simple, with options like a VCR or DVD player.

What's the really cool secret to all this is that there is a 'skip forward' button that jumps about 25 seconds or so into the recorded content. As you can probably imagine, this comes in handy for commercials. We pause a show, go in the other room and come back and then skip a commercial. Watch the show for a while and then at the next commercial hit the skip button for this one too. As long as there is built-up time in the queue, then you can continue to skip ahead. The problem comes when the content you are skipping through catches up with "Live TV" and you can't skip forward any more. It even pops up a little message to let you know you've caught up to live TV which says "Live TV". This is the moment my villainous retort can be heard.

Curse you, Live TV. Curse you to heck.

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