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Arconati.us Archive

I have uploaded the archived version of this website to the server. This was Arconati.us prior to mid-July. For those who were fans of the site back then, amazing how far we've come, isn't it?

Most of the links do not currently work and there are several images currently missing, even after I worked on it just to get the page to work. But what's funny about it is that this page also had a link to a subfolder of an older archive from earlier in the year, that was in it's own subfolder. That is now at http://arconati.us/archive/archive/. What happens the next time around that I update the site in a massive overhaul like this? Does everything get moved down a subfolder again? This could get really annoying. I want the options to reinvent, but I want to log (for posterity) what has come before.

I think the best option is to simply have one index file of the Arconati.us Archives, which will link and display thumbnails of the evolutions of the site over time. There were a lot of cool tricks in the previous version that I want to save and a lot of good lessons that I learned in making it that I fixed or avoided in the new version.

This little trip down memory lane is not associated with nor should it be confused with the Wayback Machine or their missing archive of this site.

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