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"Merry Christmas!" vs. "Happy Holidays!"

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This strange controversy came up for the first time this year, to my knowledge. It seems that years ago, when all you would hear around this time of year was "Merry Christmas" those of other faiths took a small polite exception to this and started a quiet campaign to spread the word that there were other holidays around this time of year, most notably the Jewish holiday of Chanukkah. In modern times and in my experience, the more politically correct response has been to wish someone a more neutral "Happy Holiday".

However, it would seem that some potentially misguided Christians are now reacting in a pendulum swing against this. There are those actively boycotting stores and even online merchants who use "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas". A specific example and the confusion it caused was even highlighted by a client of ours in a private thread. Basically a "holiday" newsletter had "Merry" wishes as well as the "happy" holiday lines mixed in a bit and the supposed Christian customer that responded suggested that the merchant was a "Christian Hater". What?

I was raised Catholic, am currently Christian and raise my children that way. However, my stepmom and her children (all of whom I'm close to) are Jewish. When we gather for the holidays, I make sure my children understand the difference and yet we take part in Dreidels, the Menorah, and other Chanukkah traditions. My children love them and understand them as well as the Christmas traditions.

It's a sticky situation that the customer is trying to put the merchant in. It's ugly and proof positive that customers (and Christians) are not always right. Crack open that Bible every once in a while people! Jesus taught tolerance and acceptance. You should too.

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