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Arconati.us Informational Pages

Currently the links in the footer section on my site do not point anywhere, but I'm about to point them here to this page as soon as it is created. If you are reading this from one of those links, then you have my apologies but at the moment these individual pages do not yet exist. However, you can view the drafts of what they should be here for the time being.

About Us

Update (2007/01/24): This page exists now.

As you may have already read in the description section, the Arconati.us web site is for anyone whose last name is "Arconati," specifically for those that live in the U.S.A.. I am looking to collect information, references and special family announcements. Any family reunion announcements and invitations will take center stage. Anything I can collect and display properly in a web interface about our genealogy will be made available and accessible. I am also looking to have links to any sites run or managed by family members and to use the domain name for @arconati.us email addresses.

Site Map

Right now, there is not much content in the site. In fact, I only have one page -- the home page. However, it might be helpful to have a link to the separate sites and blogs that I personally own that are going to be part of the same site in the future or part of the full network of family pages. Here is what I have available right now:

  • ArcoJedi's Blog - I am the webmaster for Arconati.us and you are reading my blog right now. Amazing!
  • Friends of Arconati.us - Mostly my coworkers and friends, here is a list of information and links to their web sites, both personal and professional.
  • Arconati Kid's Korner - I wanted to create a directory of sites for my children that would meet the general approval of most parents.
  • Arconati Quotes - As Voltaire said A witty saying proves nothing. Here is our web page about nothing.
  • Arconati Comedy Awards - These jokes and comedic images have been gathered by our minions for your enjoyment. Also, we are looking for more minions. Apply within.
  • Mudhorny.com :: Home - My brother Jon's fan site for four-wheel-drive vehicles and mud racing enthusiasts.
  • Seamist Inn - A home brew Dungeons & Dragons campaign of my own creation.

Privacy Policy

I should not have to say this, but we will never USE nor DISTRIBUTE nor SPAM nor SELL any information that you submit to us at Arconati.us. This site is currently a non-profit entity and does not at this date and time even sell ad space. Besides those used by Google within the Blogger software, our site does not even install cookies. In fact, we just recently started tracking web stats again, using the new Google Analytics software.

Contact Us

Currently, I am reviewing methods to receive contact requests from users without being inundated with spam. There are methods for this, but most seem either difficult to manage or of low quality results. I'm going to have this refined soo, so thank you for your patience.


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Some Other Things to See

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