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Tonight at choir practice, I got a moment to talk to Deb about something I've been wondering for a few weeks. I knew there had always been a web site for the Ferguson Christian Church Youth Ministry and I was pretty sure that Nikomas was instrumental in setting it up initially. But knowing that he was moving to Illinois (more info), I wasn't sure who was working on it.

She gave me more information about it and we led into a discussion about what I do for a living and how my expertise could really benefit either the youth group or even the church at large. We talked about different ideas and I realized as I talked more and more about it that it was something I wanted to do very much.

Deb and also Jeannie and Bob were interested in what I had to say. I don't think it has really been discussed much in the Elder's meetings, but perhaps they would be open to the church having a web site. A million ideas for this are swimming in my head right now, but I realize this is only because I've been secretly thinking about it for a while now.

Stacy gave a good sermon this morning leading into thankfulness for the upcoming holiday, but he also touched on the different things we all do as a church family that help support everyone in the family. It nudged me just a little more that I could contribute in this way.

I pray that God is calling me to do something like this. So many times, I've found myself listening to Stacy (and Mike, before him) and thinking that the minister was speaking directly to me. First day I came to church here it was that way and it has continued that way repeatedly. Yet it was not the man talking to me, but someone ... no, not someone, God speaking though them, planting seeds in my life that are helping me to grow. With Lisa's new foray into the world of communications, I think that she is going to be helping with this website idea too.

Okay, now to plan...

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