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Busch Stadium: The Final Season

I don't want to be a 'traitor' to my city and I don't want to upset any of my friends, family and/or coworkers who are baseball fans. But I am personally a little sick of hearing about Busch Stadium - ..end of an era.., ...years of memories... & ...piece of history... - and all of that. It is a baseball stadium people, get over it! I mean, I like baseball and I do watch the game infrequently. I guess I shouldn't really be called a fan though. And especially now that I post publically that I don't want to hear any more about the former stadium, perhaps that proves it.

I have gone to quite a few games at Busch. I went to perhaps half-a-dozen in my childhood, with either my Grandpa, my father or both. I loved them, but mostly for the comraderie, the taste of fresh peanuts (roasted and salted) and the little sips of beer that would get snuck my way. As I got older, I went less frequently. Occasionally I'd go when there was an oppurtunity, like the time I won two tickets while working at Office Depot for selling a massive amount of Nextel phones. I felt kinda weird about it, as the reason that we outsold any other store in the district during the contest had to do with the great hail storm of 2001 here in Florissant, and the flood of contractors coming in to replace roofs. Those contractors apparently needed a lot of phones and the store where I worked was one of only a few places that had them.

That will have to be a different blog post. It's not like I didn't take the tickets and go to the game and stay for most of it and enjoy the game while there. It's just that there were others at the store who probably would have liked it more.

I appreciate the game, but am not a big fan. Call me "un-american," call me a "communist" but I honestly can't get that excited about our American pastime of baseball. My Grandpa loved it, I think, but my parents were only ho-hum about it. Yawn.

I guess I will only miss it a bit because of those memories with Grandpa. But I miss my Grandfather more than I will ever miss the stupid building.

For more information, visit the official site of the Saint Louis Cadinals or one of the links below.

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