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I Have Darth Tater

Merry Christmas!

Darth Tater: 'Together we shall rule the galaxy as father and spud.'

The first present I got this year was from the VanMeters. I got a 'Darth Tater,' which funny enough, I posted about almost a year ago. Their daughter, Zöe, saw it while they were in the store and pointed it out. It's perfect!

I am also in Star Wars fan heaven because my wife got me Star Wars Battlefront and on the heels of that, my dad got me Star Wars Battlefront II. Move out soldier!

My family and I have had many blessings over the past year, and not just in Christmas presents. I was looking over photos and such for a present project I was doing and I was reminded how much I have and the experiences and memories.

Of course, rather than talk about that, I am going to plop down in front of the PS2 and see how many times I can score a head-shot on a Gungan before it loses it's appeal.

Before I go, I should quickly mention that I am now faced with a minor dilemma concerning my web site and Blogger software. For security procedures implemented by my host, the way that I FTP content up to my site is not a standard method. Suffice it to say that I can't really talk about it in detail. I have been wanting to get back to posting my blog over FTP like I was originally doing prior to this summer, but I just found out that with this new security measure in place, Blogger's software is not customizable enough to use this method. This leaves me with a couple choices, none of which I like very much:

  • Use a different blog software, such as Wordpress, and post over an interface that probably will use PHP and MySQL. This would also mean transferring ... !?! Over 551 Posts about various minutiae from one system to another!
  • Get a different host. This is possible, but probably a paid option, whereas the current one is free. Also, I am friends with the current system administrator for this server.
  • Find some workaround involving pulling the Blogspot hosted Atom feed and importing/copying it to my server using ASP. I may have stumbled upon a way to do this and I am testing it out on the Arconati Home Page, but there are kinks to work out.

Okay, now to find my wireless controller (also a new Christmas present) and stop worrying about these delays-delays-delays.

Have a Happy New Year from all of us in the Arconati family on the off chance I don't get to post between now and then. Good night!


Network Solutions

As I have known for about a week or so now, the company I work for, MonsterCommerce, is being acquired by Network Solutions. I couldn't mention it much outside my immediate family as the information was under wraps until it could be properly announced in a formal press release. I've been writing this blog post for a few days, but couldn't publish it until now.

While I was initially unsure how to react to the news, it was broken to my coworkers and I well. There are always 'after-school special' stories about the family whose dad works for the small company that got bought up by the big company and now he's being laid off. But that is not what is going to happen here.

First off, I have been assured by all members of MonsterCommerce management that there will be no layoffs. The company is also not being moved and will continue to be located in the St. Louis Area. All of the leaders of the company will remain in their same place. Realistically, not much is going to change.

Why did Network Solutions do this? Basically, from my vantage point it would appear that Network Solutions was simply wanting to have a bigger play in the ecommerce software market. However, all of their current ecommerce, design and optimization packages were services resold from other companies. They could have created an entirely new division from scratch and attempted to compete in an already crowded market. Or they could incorporate an up-and-coming leader and put the full weight of the Network Solutions brand behind the experts.

Network Solutions

That is exactly what they have done and I for one could not be happier. Obviously there will most likely be some changes, but mostly the changes are going to mean that we are going to have a lot more money and tools behind what we do. For instance, they are looking to hire about 170+ people by this time next year. That will more than double our already crowded house of around one-hundred.

We are also going to get access to better monitoring and testing tools and the full resources of the NS infrastructure and budget.

For more information on either company, go to Network Solutions or MonsterCommerce. You can also check out the links below.

MonsterCommerce & Network Solutions


Atlantic Records - Rob Thomas Home

I still have not finished that project where I describe the story of the night that Lisa and I met Rob Thomas. I just get writer's block when it comes to this buildup's end and the actual moment. Sorry to my two loyal readers who may have been waiting for it, but other things are happening that I need to either tend to or take care of. Life is happening too fast to slow down and blog it. *bounce*


Busch Stadium: The Final Season

I don't want to be a 'traitor' to my city and I don't want to upset any of my friends, family and/or coworkers who are baseball fans. But I am personally a little sick of hearing about Busch Stadium - ..end of an era.., ...years of memories... & ...piece of history... - and all of that. It is a baseball stadium people, get over it! I mean, I like baseball and I do watch the game infrequently. I guess I shouldn't really be called a fan though. And especially now that I post publically that I don't want to hear any more about the former stadium, perhaps that proves it.

I have gone to quite a few games at Busch. I went to perhaps half-a-dozen in my childhood, with either my Grandpa, my father or both. I loved them, but mostly for the comraderie, the taste of fresh peanuts (roasted and salted) and the little sips of beer that would get snuck my way. As I got older, I went less frequently. Occasionally I'd go when there was an oppurtunity, like the time I won two tickets while working at Office Depot for selling a massive amount of Nextel phones. I felt kinda weird about it, as the reason that we outsold any other store in the district during the contest had to do with the great hail storm of 2001 here in Florissant, and the flood of contractors coming in to replace roofs. Those contractors apparently needed a lot of phones and the store where I worked was one of only a few places that had them.

That will have to be a different blog post. It's not like I didn't take the tickets and go to the game and stay for most of it and enjoy the game while there. It's just that there were others at the store who probably would have liked it more.

I appreciate the game, but am not a big fan. Call me "un-american," call me a "communist" but I honestly can't get that excited about our American pastime of baseball. My Grandpa loved it, I think, but my parents were only ho-hum about it. Yawn.

I guess I will only miss it a bit because of those memories with Grandpa. But I miss my Grandfather more than I will ever miss the stupid building.

For more information, visit the official site of the Saint Louis Cadinals or one of the links below.


What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

You are confident and ready to tackle life.

You are pretty vain and happy with your physical appearance.

You are born to be the center of attention, and you're unhappy on the sidelines.

You're always up for trying something new - in and out of bed!

Curious? What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?


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