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Attention: Arconati Network

It would seem that I can not find a way to easily post over FTP using the Blogger software since it cannot be set for anything other than the default ports for FTP. As I've mentioned before, I'm in a bit of a quandary on what to do about it.

Below is a post I'm removing from the Arconati News blog as it is no longer applicable for my plans.

This site is using the backup domain for Arconati.us which is Arconati.net. This domain forwards right now only a blog, which was hosted on Blogger's Blogspot at http://arconati.blogspot.com/ but I am forwarding it after tonight onto the main domain using HTML Meta Refresh. What should happen is that when this page loads, after a brief time interval of 5-10 seconds, the browser is redirected onto the correct site.

The method for doing this is common enough, and as far as I can tell is the only way to get one page to forward onto another without using JavaScript if they are not .ASP pages or another scripting language. As a reference, I am using an article on About.com called HTML Meta Refresh Tag.

Redirecting to a New Page

While the reload option is useful, it is usually not what people want from the meta refresh tag. To redirect to a new page, the syntax is nearly the same:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2;url=http://webdesign.about.com/">

The only difference is in the content attribute. content="2;url=http://webdesign.about.com" The number is the time, in seconds, until the page should be redirected. Then, separated by a semi-colon (;) is the URL that should be loaded.

This blog account is going to be used to better document changes to the site, the Arconati Network and general family news, while my main blog at blog.arconati.us will be reserved for more personal posts.

Update: Attempt failed. I'm dealing now with a technical issue where I was attempting to post the blog posts to my hosting provider over FTP, but it turns out that Blogger cannot use FTP over non-standard ports, which my host is using for security reasons. Delays, delays...

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