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More Arconati Template Tweaking

Today, I've been working some on the template for the Arconati site and I have moved all of the color elements, link colors, text colors and background images to a separate CSS file. The idea is to make it more simple to update over time by separating the layout elements from the color elements. I may find an easier way to do this.

Here is some text I removed off the home page for now and rearranged things to explain what I was doing.

Here is a bare-bones template that I am using for the moment. I may not keep it, but I will use it for now.

I've added a background image that I like quite a lot. It is a scan of a scratch piece of paper that Reese colored a couple months back. It is just a mess, but it looked like a landscape portrait to me. Blue and pink sky at sunset, purple clouds and green grassy fields. Not her best artwork at six-years-old but I'm gushingly proud.

When the del.icio.us links on the right hand column are working you may notice also that I have attempted to match the colors of Reese's background image. I have set them up to alternate colors between purple and green on a blue field background. The links are pink or black or white as well. My goal is to work with this sort of framework for the rest of the site's elements, extending her artwork out.

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