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Your Dog Looks Like My Dog!

I was checking toothpastefordinner.com and laughing at the images there. The site also has a link right now to a random "livejournal picture generator" (not a recommendation). From what I gather, the page script does exactly what it says it does and pulls random images from random livejournal blogs and then loads them all on one page. As expected most of them are dumb, pointless and/or not-safe-for-work.

I was scrolling quickly through the junk when right there in the middle of the page was a photograph of a beagle, ...that looked exactly like my dog! I mean, they could be twins or sisters or something. It is not like there is really all that much difference between dogs of the same breed anyway, but you be the judge.

My Dog, Lucy

Our Dog Lucy, the first week after we got her

Danellyn's Sister's Dog

Lucy's Twin, Danellyn's Sister's Dog

Image reposted without permission.

Looking back at the top photo that I took, I'm reminded of how much better Lucy looks in the last couple of months compared to when we first adopted her, which was the same week I took the above photo. As you can see here, she was skinny and scrawny-ish, but she's much healthier now -- and therefore looks a lot more like the slightly older dog in the second picture.

I hope this photographer, Danellyn, doesn't mind me linking to their site as it was just too spooky a coincidence to not point it out. I haven't checked out the rest of her (or ..his?) photography, but this page looks pretty cool so far.

My wife thinks I'm crazy. What do you think? Check it out at danellyn: New photos.

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