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I noted today that there was an update to a Firefox plugin I installed a million years ago to display Alexa rank. To my knowledge it had never worked before, not only for my site, but for ANY site. Now it works for every site I try it on.

You can view more information about the SearchStatus plugin, and download it if you use Firefox.

The Google Rank function within the same plugin was working the whole time, but the Alexa function did not. The Google PageRank measurement -- which I've menitioned a few times before - 1 2 3 -- I can see in multiple places and different toolbars designed for it. The number is an exponential scale from 0 to 10 with the top being nearly unreachable. Google.com is one of only a few dozen sites with ten. Alexa's rank is measured based off of Traffic Rank, which is measured off of users that have the Alexa Toolbar D`:. Each site is ranked in order with each site having an individual number measured against other sites. Since this tool has such a bad reputation for spyware, I've never used it and probably never will, except for the Firefox one.

I see that my own site (arconati.us) is ranked 3,834,468th!

See more about Alexa's Traffic Rank for arconati.us: 3,834,468

I'd like to thank whoever it is who has this tool and is occasionally browsing my site. However, perhaps you should uninstall it. Just a thought! !!

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