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Yeah, so apparently, I have Sinusitis. This diagnosis comes after ruling everything else out. Last week, I was on Levaquin for five days and I got a lot better, almost 100% with just some residual coughing. This dosage should have stopped pneumonia, bronchitis or just about anything else. Before that, I'd had a Sinus X-ray, which had ruled out Sinusitis, so this should have worked great. And it did. But when the Levaquin ran out, my cough started coming back.

So after examining me again, it has got to be Sinusitis. It didn't show up on X-ray, but that might not mean anything. I'm on Levaquin now for THIRTY DAYS, and that could stop a freight train. So I'll be better soon.

Still, I could be infected by alien facehuggers and soon an embryonic alien baby will crack it's way through my rib cage. I better get that on film right?

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