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Del.icio.us Overload

I've posted about del.icio.us directly or indirectly a few times already in different places.

I must admit that I am quite enamored and addicted to this simple little tool. The basic idea is an online replacement for you local browser favorites / bookmarks folder. It improves greatly on this basic concept with tagging and categorization as well as notes and RSS feeds. As of today, I have 3151 del.icio.us bookmarks.

At various times, I've used different methods to display the link roll on one of my websites (though not at this moment). I've used Javascript and served up the RSS feed using ASP. However, I've never gotten exactly what I wanted. First off, the Javascript is not search engine readable, so the content and links are ignored. I can easily convert the RSS feed using ASP but I find drawbacks with this. First off, I haven't yet figured out how to have the tags also listed with each link except in Javascript. Secondly, all the ASP/RSS methods I can find reload the full feed with each load of the ASP page. This is too intensive and usually against the policy of the RSS host. A third feature I am looking for in ASP that I can do in JS is to also load the favicon as an image in the page. You can see what I'm talking about in the JS / iframe below.

My quest for the right code to plagiarize borrow continues.

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