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American Idol Begins Tonight

I've mentioned American Idol before. Honestly, I don't feel like I can summon enthusiasm for it this year. But I say that every year. My wife likes the show and I'll most likely be watching it with her.

Something about the show seems wrong to me. It's basically way too artificial and manufactured. I don't like what it says about the music business. I might be wrong, but I'm guessing a lot of people feel the same way.

I don't want to knock the performers from the show that have done well for themselves and gone beyond their roots and developed their own career. They deserve their congratulations. However, picture the world without the show. We already had way too many Pop / Rock / R&B stars than we really needed. Now they are not only going to inject --almost forcibly-- one more star into the mix in the case of the winner, but also we are going to get the runner-ups and top ten or whatever.

There are already too many starving artists of all varieties out there. There are too many bar bands and not enough bars. There are too many amateurs and not enough open-mike nights. There are too many wanna-bes and too many divas.

The industry big shots and lobbyists blame the internet and file-sharing for the shrinking sales. But is it possible that they have oversaturated the market with too many flowers for the flower shop? Basic supply and demand people!

I get the appeal of the show on many levels. There are the good singers and the crowd favorites. People get tied up in the people and get divisively devoted to one particular performer that they want to win. It's the competition and the betting on your favorite 'horse', if you will.

Also quite entertaining are the flops. These are the losers who for some reason think they can sing but that cannot really sing. Nor can they really understand what music really is. Most of them probably have never tried to sing outside the shower. Some look genuinely surprised at either the sound of their voices in a public space or at the judges reactions to them. Some really are idiots, some are faking it and some have to be plants by the producers of the show just to illicit the right fiery responses from Simon.

And there is all the range of human emotion in between. Like most 'reality' shows, when it's good it's good, but when it's bad it's even better. It's similar to staring at the accident victims as you pass them on the highway. It's sick, it's wrong and we can't stop doing it.

I'd write more, but ... ooh, it's coming on soon! See ya!


Derek Brink said...

You're a good man, Jim. Thanks for the comments on my blog.

ArcoJedi said...

Derek: no problem! :)

Unknown said...

So how do I fix my problem? I never noticed it!

I set up with GoDaddy and just had my domain forwarded to nikomas.blogspot.com with a address bar mask. I have also set blogger to publish www.nikomas.com rather than the blogspot (no ftp or sftp).

Dave Snail said...

Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog - you have popped my blog cherry, so to speak! I see where you are coming from but can only partially agree. Its true that millions take a huge amount from the teachings of Jesus and other great teachers, too. Where I differ is your "hole" theory. Ok, people do try and fill the hole with drugs, alcohol, sex etc but there are plenty of other good things that can fill it too. I have a certain amount of beleif in God (but its more wishful thinking - I find it difficult to reconcile a caring and loving God with the world we live in at the moment)but my "hole" is filled with family. And therein lies the beuaty of humanity, we are all different....just a shame we can't all get along.

ArcoJedi said...

for reference, the daydreamer is referring to this comment where I got into a rather lengthy response (overly so) to a blog post about God and atheism. I even blogged about the post and comment myself and linked to it today.

To the daydreamer: I found your blog using the random "Next Blog" link and thought your writing was pretty good. You should keep it up. Also, you should do more than just "wishful thinking" as you called it. There is a good reason that there is suffering and hardship in the world. You said "I find it difficult to reconcile a caring and loving God with the world we live in at the moment". Imagine a world where everything was great and happy and everyone was all the same. There would be no pain, no suffering and no sin. In this great world where people had everything they wanted, why would any of us have a reason to turn to God for love, support and guidance? So sure, life might suck, but it sucks for a reason. Sin exists because the Devil takes advantage of our free will and convinces us that we can and should stray. But there is always the choice to follow the right path to Jesus.

I don't have all the answers and I'm not saying any of this exactly right. I'm actually just only beginning to get my feet in the right direction for a faith-blessed life (and I'm 30-years-old!). But I hope that I have helped without being overbearing or rude. Have a nice day and keep up the good work with your writing!

Finally, how'd all these comments land on my American Idol post? Sheesh! LOL

ArcoJedi said...

For reference, Nikomas is referring to the problem and comment I left on his blog concerning his domain name. I posted the possible fix to him and I hope it helps.

Dave Snail said...

Thanks for the encouragement re my writing (shame about my spelling, though). One thing, though. Being new to all this, how do put all those links "embedded" in the general text of your blog.

I only ask as you seem to know what your talking about and seem to have the ability to explain stuff to simple folk like me!

All the "Idol" stuff sucks, by the way!!

ArcoJedi said...

daydreamer: I am a web developer and can type quite a lot about how to do code. I made a short tutorial as a blog post and I hope that it helps. Let me know if you have more questions of if anything is not clear.


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