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Hole in Your Soul

Occasionally I try my hand at the next blog link just to get a feel for what's out there. I'm not overly connected to the blogosphere and I have too much to do than to sit and read random blogs all day, but sometimes a specific entry might catch my attension. Rarely, when one does, I post a small comment. However, in the case of Where the Magpies Are, I posted a comment that ended up almost being longer than the original post (oops). I don't know why, something about the writing or the tone... Anyway, here is a glimpse of what I wrote.

In the center of everyone is a small hole that for their entire life they will strive to fill. Some fill it with drugs, some with alcohol, some with sex, some with obsessive compulsions less dangerous but no less empty in their eventual ability to satisfy and some simply fill it with mundane and daily tasks of daily life. And yet, they can never truly fill this hole. What's remarkable about this hole is that it is the best proof of a loving God that we can ever find in all the universe.

How? God created us and placed this hole inside our soul at the same time he gave us free will. The hole is small but impossible to ignore. There is only one thing that can fill this hole completely and satisfactorily and that is love for Jesus Christ. It is up to us each separately and individually to decide to follow Him. We have free will for that purpose. God won't make us do it and cannot make the decision for us.

Read the full entry at Where The Magpies Are: Episode 13 - Nietzsche said, God is Dead.

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