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MonsterCommerce - Where Have I Been?

So I haven't really talked about this much here, but the job I mentioned at the Ferguson-Florissant School District had not worked out exactly as I had wanted it to. I'm still personally examining and evaluating the reasons why and I don't want to get into that right now. Was it my fault? Was it something beyond my control? Who really knows? Digging too deep into the subject just causes frustration, so I'm just moving on. After that fell through at the end of November, I immediately began searching for a different job.

Needless to say, after a couple weeks I realized that no one would be hiring right before the holidays and new year. I tried refocusing my energy towards freelance work and perhaps working as something other than a web developer or technician. But none of these panned out either. After several interviews, refining my résumé about 10 times and dozens to hundreds of submissions through varied avenues and recruiters.

Through it all, I kept in touch with some old teammates and my supervisor at the best company I've ever worked for, MonsterCommerce. As it turned out, there was still an opening available for me, so I felt the invitation could not and should not be refused. Coming back is a little surreal, and very very fun. I can't believe the number of old friends who came up to me, very happy to see me. It was great and a little difficult to be humble.

Sometimes I'm surprised where my life will take me. There has got to be a plan or outline written somewhere for where I'm supposed to be. And right now, it seems a little random and chaotic, but I could not be happier with the overall results.

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