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A Son By Any Other Name

Lisa and I are considering other names besides Lucas. Actually, I should say we have almost entirely dropped it as a choice. The baby just doesn't seem like a "Lucas" to Lisa, and I have to admit that I was having second thoughts about the name.

Luke, I am your father. That was something that I was kind of looking forward to saying as a Star Wars fan. But I feel silly and self concious about it. I mean, it will be cute now, but what about when the kid is 10? Or what about 20? Or 30? I'm just not sure it would be a good idea.

So we are gathering other options between the two of us. We will most likely make a decision some time in the next week or two. I want to apologize to any family member that might have bought a humongous set of monogrammed towels or something but I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened yet.

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