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Luke, I Am Your Father

So over the last few days, Lisa and I have been considering other names for our son to be born in April or more likely May of this year. For a back story, we have always talked about "Lucas" as if it were the first choice, even back when we had our first child. However, we both started to reconsider over the last week for various reasons. So we came up with a few others to consider in addition to Lucas.

  • Dylan James Arconati
  • Lucas James Arconati
  • Samuel James Arconati

Well, after talking about it, praying about it and debating it, we've come back around to Lucas again. Lisa's small still-lingering primary objection to this name is that the nickname "Luke" sounds wrong, and not just because of the obvious Star Wars reference. The name is short and sounds like a burp or something, not a name.

But she really likes "Lucas" as a name and she has resigned herself to getting used to the nickname everyone will likely call him. I've had my own reasons for considering other options, such as the fact that I wasn't sure I wanted to embrace my geekiness that much, but I am going to dive right into it and accept it.

There are two important things to note just for the record. Firstly, we are NOT -- I REPEAT NOT -- naming him for the Star Wars Character. Lisa originally suggested it years ago without thinking of my favorite movie, and I liked it without making the connection either. It wasn't until months later that I jokingly said it would be funny because I could hold my son and say Luke, I am your father! We had a sideways laugh about that one.

The second thing to note is that it was my wife who pointed out during our conversations today, that never in the movies does Darth Vader say the words "Luke-I-am-your-father" in actuality. His exact words in the famous scene are in response to Luke's assertion that Vader killed his father.

Lightsaber Fight 2

No, Vader proclaimed. I am your father.

I'm so proud of her, but she's completely right (not like I didn't know that). So anyway, our son's name will be Lucas and he's not named after Star Wars and he's not named after George Lucas, though no one who knows me at all will ever believe this. And phooey on them all anyhow.


Unknown said...

Hi there! I stumbled across your blog while looking up info on MonsterCommerce and couldn't help but notice your enthusiastic endorsement of the company. I'm a Florissant native and a current freelancer for MonsterCommerce - making us pretty distant co-workers - and I've had such a great experience working for them so far that it has made me wonder about seeking a full-time gig with them if I'm ever lucky enough to be able to move back to the St. Louis area. If you have a moment sometime, I'd love to hear a little more about what it's like to work there. You can e-mail me at tarnations@gmail.com anytime. May the Force be with you.

ArcoJedi said...

Thanks Josh, you've got mail!


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