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Samuel Joseph Arconati

I'd like to formally announce the birth of my son, Samuel Joseph Arconati. Today is the culmination of a strange and wonderful journey. I can't even really figure out where exactly it started, but the first time I posted about this new baby on my blog was back in May when I talked about how God works in Mysterious Ways. My life has experienced roller-coaster-up-and-down changes since that post and I haven't written about many of them, but I'm still being blessed daily. I want to once again thank everyone for their notes, best wishes and prayers these many months.

You might want to know how I posted this from the hospital. I cheated. My secret is that I wrote this yesterday afternoon on the 15th, and set it to automatically post right now. You'll notice that I didn't start this post with a qualifier like "barring any disasters" or "assuming there are no unforeseen complications". That was difficult for me. I very much wanted to start this way and had a bit of writer's block until I worked (and prayed) around it. Because right now, all the worries and concerns and fears are at the forefront at the front of my mind. Someone should have warned me not to check Wikipedia about Cesarean Sections. Of course, by now posting these concerns and mentioning this block, I brought it up anyway. So again, I cheated.

I guess technically, I'm cheating all of you with this non-news. I don't have pictures yet, or the traditionally important height/weight stuff. But I will be posting those details and photos direct from my cell phone to both my twitter, my facebook and my flickr accounts. So if you've read this far you can follow those links to learn more and confirm things.

I'm betting on at least a nine-pounder. Thanks again... ☮

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Jamie said...

congratulations jim! he looks healthy as can be on your facebook picture. we wish you and your family nothing but happiness. you certainly deserve it!

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