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My son Lucas would have been seven years old today. I thought I'd write a quick post about what goes through my mind on this day. Some disclaimer that this is not a roadmap for grieving parents to follow, nor a set of expectations for anyone who might know a grieving parent. Everyone's different and their path may vary from mine.

I'm doing pretty good. Obviously the scars are still there. But I'd have to go looking for them to notice them. I do wonder sometimes, usually on bad days, what my life would look like had he lived. These thoughts do not carry any strong regret or force behind them. We survived and moved on. We have Samuel and he's four years old, playing with his wiffle ball and bat as I type this.

If I want to cry about Lucas' loss, I can. And sometimes I still do. But those times are not common and they are not today. Today, I celebrate Lucas' life and the memories of us together.

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