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The blog is over ten years old and I've not ever had a proper "About Me" page. Remedied here:

My name is James A. Arconati aka ArcoJedi. You are currently reading my personal blog. I have had other projects, but this site has been my central spot since August of 2003.

I started writing here as a replacement for or in addition to personal journaling. I also had a passing urge to document my life's history up until that point. Along the way, I've talked about my family, my journey as a Christian, web development, marketing and a lot about Star Wars.

James Arconati

I didn't have an "About" page. There's been valid-esque reasons for that over time. When I first developed this site, it was my ONLY site and it was all about me all the time. Every post individually and in summation was "about me" so it didn't seem like I needed a separate page. Additionally, I was linking to the "About Us" page on Arconati.us and that covered me well enough. At the time, Blogger didn't include a "pages" feature that allowed you to create static individual pages. Then later they got one... and I immediately didn't like the way they'd made it, because of the way the URL for the new pages had to include this silly /p/ affixed. Talk about First World Problems!

So why now? Meh, I don't really know. I'm anticipating that I'll be redesigning the whole layout of the site in the near future, but that's been long overdue forever. I guess it was just time.

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