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Musings [Speech to Text]

So this is potentially going to be a very long blog post. I'm writing this while I'm driving, yes that's correct I'm driving and talking to my phone. This is a feature that I've not really used all that much. But it seems like a good idea right now. Are we finally at the point in time in history when we can begin to speak to our computers and have them listen to us, follow commands, do what we tell them to do? I'm not really sure, I highly doubt it. Now I'm sitting in traffic on Highway 270 just south of Lindbergh. End up finding this entertaining but not riveting. I don't really have a lot to say all of a sudden. This is unusual for me as most of you reading this might know. I think the very act of my fingers resting on the keyboard actually help me think about the words that I want to say. And having to say them out loud as if I were giving a speech to some random stenographer... This is just weird!

What else chalet shall I talk about? Well burley fairly recently, Lisa and I had a really excellent day date at a poetry reading, which is not something we've ever actually done before. We were invited by an old college friend who lives in Chicago normally, but was here in St Louis for business... And was also doing a reading performance of sorts. And I'm happy to say that it was one of the best dates ever! It was a somewhat new experience, something that we never actually done before. I have to admit I had assumed that there wasn't anything like that in in my hometown of Saint Louis. We will definitely be going back.

And well it would appear that I'm at my exit now so I'm going to end this year here and review it later but,.. I will resist the urge to edit this overly much as I think I like the effect.

That was a mess.

I'm editing this later now. I tried to leave some clues as to how my speech was interpreted. It was worth the time for revision.

The college friend I was referring to was known to us back then by his nickname of "Romeo" but his full real name is Mel Roberson. He was a charismatic guy from downtown Chicago who had some good stories to tell and music to share. He now works as a Regional Vice President for a legal advice and identity theft company. He is also an actor, a writer and poet. We had not really talked with him directly, other than a few Facebook chats, since college. He posted that he was going to be in St. Louis and he invited us to where he was going to be performing. It was an open-mic poetry and music night at Legacy Books & Cafe. There were several performers ahead of him, some of which were polished and some of which were a little more rough around the edges. But the whole series and buildup was definitely worth it.

Mel was also giving a speech of some kind the next day, but we missed it. Here's a link to a speech he gave last summer on goal setting.

After Mel performed that night, there was a musician friend of his named Kevin Sandbloom that performed with a guitar and loop pedal. Here's a quick sample.

Yeah, so that was just about one of the best dates we've had in a long time.

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