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Happy 40th Birthday to My Wife

I could not let this month end without mentioning a very important and memorable birthday. My lovely and adoring wife of roughly 17 years has reached the gently-ripened age of FORTY.

The Big 40…
The Happy Couple

I don't get overly stressed out about birthdays, or growing older. As I've often quoted the old adage; Growing old beats the alternative -- dying young. But the fairest of the fairer sex in my household has had a minor spot of trouble worrying over this specific toll of the bell.

I dutifully attempt to be empathetic, but I can't truly understand. There is nothing and no one that I've met on my travels upon this Earth that has matured more marvelously, aged more gracefully, grown wisely and remained just as beautiful as she has ever been. I love her deeply and will continue to do so for as long as she will have me.

Lisa Arconati

For this past month --and to a lesser extent the last year-- we've been enjoying some adventure. It helps to remind yourselves that you are still young enough to have fun and be crazy. We date until our wallets hurt. We take chances. Oh, and I've neglected to mention it, but I'm in a band now (Bullseye Womprats) and Lisa really digs being a band wife, go figure. This has been an especially busy summer; gigs and pool parties and dancing. There has also been haunted tours (last October) and holiday parties (more dancing) and making new friends and meeting new people.

Through it all, I could just stare at her and marvel at her all the live long day. And I'm not embarrassed to say it. My life is better with her in it, always has been, always will be. Years ago, I joked that she was the other half of my brain. And she is the other half of my heart. We are a pair in a way I cannot describe. It's almost like she is… She is…

Han Solo
Han Solo and Chewbacca
…to my Chewbacca
Chris Chambers
Chris Chambers and Gordie Lachance
…to my Gordie Lachance
…to my Westley
Princess Bride
…to my Fezzik
…to my Costello
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
…to my Peanut Butter
…to my Hunnicut
…to my Penn
…to my Roy
…to my Hall
…to my Proton
Star Trek
…to my Spock
…to my Romeo
…to my St. Louis
New York
…to my New Jersey
Dr. Dre
Dre and Snoop
…to my Snoop Dogg
…to my Leonard
…to my Chandler
…to my Ross
…to my Jamie
…to my Sun & Stars
…to my King

Thank you baby. And here's to many more happy birthdays.

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