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Delicious Bookmarks - What's Happening Now?

My favorite social bookmarking service, the one and only original Del.icio.us has sort of languished for a while without any real obvious development or changes. Stagnant. The mobile app had stopped working for me and possibly others. There has not been any blog posts from them in over a year and their social feeds are also non-responsive. But that suddenly changed earlier this month.

Now there's been a sudden flurry of blog posts since the beginning of June. Mostly they are a review of del.icio.us site history and some evolution and foibles. They seem nostalgic without being unrealistic.

But... what does that mean? Are we going to see some improvements / changes / new features? 


No. We are not going to see updates. After a little more digging, I found a tweet that announced that Delicious had been sold again! And upon further reading I gather this will be the last time.

You can read more on the Pinboard Blog. But the short version is that del.icio.us is going away. And though I'm saddened, perhaps it's time. I can lead cheers for free web services at the top of my lungs, but some of them just can't last forever. Perhaps none of them can.

The longer version of the announcement is that the company was purchased by a competitor. The new owner has updated and reactivated the export feature but that's probably it. The site is going into "read-only" mode (should already be happening, but to my tests has not yet) and I'll have to find another social bookmark service eventually. Perhaps it will be Pinboard? My initial read of the new owner's blog posts gave me the impression that he's a bit of an arrogant snob, but further along and I have decided I was being hasty. He's knowledgeable and seems to have a good strategy with Pinboard's minimalism. There are other options I've looked at briefly, but $11/year is cheap compared to most other options.

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