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I May Have a Problem: Collector of Music - 25,000 Songs

This past September, I wrote a post where I bragged about collecting over 20,000 songs in my Google Music library. Well, I'm up over 25,000 songs now. In fact, my total at the moment is 25,989 Songs. The site layout has changed a tiny bit to match up with other Google products, but otherwise it's still same.

If I load up the service and go with a full shuffle of music, I never know what I'm going to get. It's interesting that I've got so much eclectic stuff; ethnic Russian music from my coworker friend Gary, EDM podcasts, Top 500 Songs from Rolling Stone Magazine, 8 bit video game music, horrible music from Lance Gargoyle (ugh), NPR's All Songs Considered, and more and more and more. Still, it seems that even with random shuffle, there is a loose thread pulling through the music that Google lines up on any given day. Sure, services like Pandora and Spotify Radio try and line up stuff that's related, but Google's shuffle just sounds like something else is invisibly going on behind-the-scenes.

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