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del.icio.us Update?

There's been an update on del.icio.us.

del.icio.us: social bookmarks
July 15, 2020

Hi, my name is Maciej Ceglowski, the latest (and hopefully last) owner of del.icio.us.

The site will be back online soon. If you had data stored on del.icio.us after 2010, you'll be able to export it here.

If you had data on the site before 2010, whether I still have it depends on whether you completed the "opt-in" process in 2011, when Yahoo transferred the site to AVOS.

I'll do my best to get everything I can back online this summer!

I mentioned Maciej back in 2017 when the purchase was announced. It looks like he's going to at least bring something back.

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