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Federal Agency Nixes Domain Owners' Right to Privacy!

It would seem that a federal agency stepped a little outside what some would say is it's own jurisdiction and made private registrations for .US domain names illegal. Though my domain name is not private at this time, I'd like the option to be there if necessary someday. Wanna read more?

Americans Deserve Privacy!

A recent and arbitrary decision by a federal agency eliminated private domain name registrations for the .US domain name. This means current holders of .US private domain registrations will face either making their personal information public for everyone to see (including the many thousands of predators who stalk the WHOIS directory daily searching for easy prey), or giving up their .US domain name. It also means that new purchasers of .US domain name registrations will not be able to purchase private registrations.

You need to be alarmed about this - whether or not you own a .US domain name or even if you don't have a private registration. Your family's safety is simply too important to allow a bureaucrat to take away the only thing that protects all of you from Internet predators.

If I can't have private registration, the terrorists win...


Getting Around Pop-Up Blockers?

Check out this webmaster attempting to find a way to get around pop-up blockers... I have to agree that I don't think he quite grasped that what he was trying to do would be a problem.
Getting Around Pop-Up Blockers?

Photo Hosting & Dungeon Crawling

I am still interested in getting an online role-playing game going. I've tried a couple different avenues; message boards, instant message, chat rooms, even blogs [check out the Seamist Inn]. I love playing when there is time, but mostly there is not. Perhaps I've grown too old? I hope not. I heard second hand that some folks who are getting to be older gamers are now teaching their kids to play. Reese sure seemed interested in the pretty dice and action last time Kate & Nate came to town. The girls are perhaps still a little young for this kind of thing, but maybe...

Did my animated knight catch your eye? I thought it might. I've set up a free photo hosting account. Not sure I like it but I am dumping some of the files there. Not like I need to worry about it now that I have some room to grow.
ride captain ride


Osama-Rama Cartoons

Visit this site by Mike Overbeck for Osama-Rama Cartoons and other oddities. I stumbled upon the "Diplomacy" cartoon from his site a little while after September 11th. It felt good to laugh. I was cleaning around the cobwebs through my hard drive just now and I have a downloaded copy of it.


naiad kitty - Olivia Nicole Arconati!

Michele Nicholson posted an entry when Olivia was born. I stumbled upon this on Yahoo search. naiad kitty - Olivia Nicole Arconati!


Star Wars on the O.C.?

Read more about it here on Yahoo! News - 'Star Wars' Trailer to Premiere March 10


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