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Don't Call it a PowerPoint

It's not a "PowerPoint"...

You are not giving a PowerPoint. You are giving a PRESENTATION. PowerPoint is one of many possible tools upon which your presentation's visual aspect could be built and then later viewed. But it is not the only one. It's possible it's not even the best one. More importantly, you should think of the slideshow of visuals as accompaniment to your presentation, not the meat of it.

If I can use a musical analogy, this is how the piano or guitar part backs up the singer in a song but does not overshadow or outshine.

Just stop calling it a PowerPoint. Not only will you be more semantically correct, but your frame of mind will be in the right place when you plan and write your presentation's outline. You have written an outline first right? Better get started on that.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I loathe power point presentations. I like Prezi.

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