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Some more opinions on the Star Wars DVD

Jim, I am a bit disappointed
in Star Wars ??? [DVD]
yeah, how'd you guess?
It was the common conversation thread today...
Our sound system was too good for it
too good for it?
and you were able hear lots off hissing n' stuff off and on, the soundwork was so patchy
Really? This complaint, more than any other... really bothers me... that LucasArts missed this... I disagree with a lot of the whiners ..."they shouldna changed mah movie!"
but obvious crap like that?
bad sound?!
When Lucas is so... I mean he revolutionized sound for movies with the THX thing
*heavy sigh*
yup, the sound was all patched, and I understand that you can only do so much with sound that is 30 years old, but it was so un - uniformed, that it got irritating
Picture quality was beautiful, but sound, I give it a "C"
90% of the original dialogue had a bad hiss in the background, and you could tell that things were patched.
and when for example, Leia would have a line, she would say something to Solo, and he would respond, and when she responded back, it was LOUDER....things like that...
sound quality was actually more comfortable on the VHS release
I think I'm gonna cry


Ideas for next Star Wars Release

Ideas for next Star Wars Release:
* Replace Luke Skywalker with animated cat - Meow Skywalker
* Replace Chewy with a large black man who is Han's Gay lover
* Luke and Leia don't realize their relationship until it's too late ...
* Luke Joins his father and rules Universe with Iron fist ...
I'm not sure I'd pay $40 for those DVDs!
yea but some of them are good ideas ...

At least better than Greedo shooting first!


Have You Gotten Star Wars on DVD Yet?

So folks have been asking me a lot lately if I have the new DVDs of the original Star Wars Trilogy yet. The answer is currently no. Shocked? Here has been my standard explanation.

No, I don't have a copy right now and I feel a little outside my own personality because of it. But in reality I can wait until Christmas for this one. Lisa suggested that I wait until the holidays so people have something to buy me. Apparently, I'm hard to buy for? [ Here's my Wishlist ]

Lucas waited on DVD technology and also wanted to hammer down what some of the things in Episode III were going to look like before he released the DVDs so the look would match and gel with what comes later in Episode IV. And did you hear that there have been some changes to the films for the DVD release? Yes that's right this is Star Wars: the Extra-special Special Edition. Changes include altering the ghost image of Anakin Skywalker at the end of Episode VI to appear as Hayden Christensen next to the ghosts of Obi-Wan and Yoda rather than the other guy who played Vader behind the mask. Goofy and unnecessary.

There are so many people upset at Lucas right now... people who I would consider Star Wars fans. I admit that some of it is valid, but largely I can't help but think that this is Lucas's way of getting rid of all those people who made fun of Star Wars later into the 80's and get down to base core fan group.

Eventually, I will be the only TRUE fan left. ;-)

The Anti-Star Wars Movement

And How to Ignore ItI am a Star Wars fan.. And I am most troubled.

I am troubled by the behavior and statements of the other claim-to-be Star Wars fans around me and on the internet. You see, I think that right now we should be proclaiming the good news. Since the late-90's Star Wars has been back -- back from what seemed like permanent destruction. But like the ghost of a fallen Jedi, the series has become more powerful that we could possibly have imagined. For the past several years there have book after book, comics, cartoons, merchandise and most importantly MOVIES! First the Special Editions of Episodes IV-VI in theatres, then Episode I, II and by summer of next year Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The Clone Wars Cartoon Series was amazing -- short, but amazing. Most recently -- TODAY, in fact -- Episodes IV-VI are now available on DVD. It is time for Star Wars fans the world over to rejoice. But the whispered comments from the peanut gallery have not been good.

Firstly, there have been small complaints since the books started coming out. Whereas the first couple of books by Timothy Zahn were wonderful, rekindling the old Star Wars magic, other authors have not always lived up to the original spirit. When it was announced that there would be a Special Edition released, most fans were happy, but when word started to leak out about scenes that had been changed and finally when we saw the scenes on the big screen, there were some that were not amused.

Questionable change #1 was having Greedo shoot first during the scene in the Cantina. Other quibbles included the new scene with Jabba the Hutt with Han stepping ON the crimelord's tale as well as complaints about effects that SHOULD have been fixed, but were not. Admittedly, if I was in charge of Star Wars, there were some things that I would have kept the same and some other things that I would have made sure to change.

Today the DVD boxed set of Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI have been released. Long before the boxes hit the shelves the discordant chorus began to whine. To quote one report on the subject... DesMoinesRegister.com | "Use the Force, now available on DVD" By JOE LAWLER - 9.21.04
..."The changes are yet another chapter in the long, frustrating saga of being a 'Star Wars' fan," said Geoffrey Kleinman, editor of the Web site dvdtalk.com. "I don't think the changes will stop many fans from purchasing it, but I have a feeling that if the final prequel ("Revenge of the Sith," due in May 2005) isn't satisfying, it will only fuel the vim and vigor of the disdain 'Star Wars' fans have for the series. ...
One comical theory is that George Lucas's Neck Size is in Inverse Proportion the the Quality of his Films. Perhaps folks are just bitter that we had to wait this long for these movies to be released on DVD at all. Lucas waited on DVD technology to catch up to his vision. He also wanted to hammer down what some of the things in Episode III were going to look like before he released these DVDs so the look would match and gel with what comes later (chronologically) in Episode IV. Overt changes include altering the ghost image of Anakin Skywalker at the end of Episode VI to appear as Hayden Christensen next to the ghosts of Obi-Wan and Yoda rather than Sebastian Shaw, who played Vader behind the mask.

Some point in outrage at statements Lucas made years ago in reference tampering with creative works that are part of our 'national heritage' when he was speaking out about the colorization of old black-and-white films, most specifically old Three Stooges episodes. It can be portrayed as double-speak that Lucas says that old classic movies shouldn't be altered and yet he has done just that to his old classic world famous films.

There are so many people upset at Lucas right now... people who I would consider Star Wars fans. I admit that some of the complaints are valid and if I was in charge of Star Wars, I would do things differently. But that is exactly the point! There is now and has always been someone in charge of Star Wars and his name is George Lucas.
"The thing about 'Star Wars' fans is ... they all have very strong ideas about what should happen, and think it should be their way," says Lucas. "Which is fine, except I'm making the movies, so I should have it my way."
These are his movies and we just get to watch (and play) in them. Sign petitions and point fingers if you want stating that George shouldn't be altering the movies if he was against the alteration of the Stooges. But the comic geniouses behind the Stooges have been dead for years, and before they died they specifically spoke out against colorizing their works or any other classic works. When he spoke out in the US congress, it was in support of the departed artists whose voices could not be heard. Lucas is still alive, and still massaging his masterpiece.

In the end, I can't help but think that the motives behind altering these movies and stirring up the controversy is all a genious advertising gimmick. Or more likely, Lucas is very aware that he is alienating certain people. You have to remember that Lucas never intended Star Wars to be a major world-wide sensation. Perhaps from a Obi-Wan style Certain Point of View, there are just too many claim-to-be Star Wars fans. Perhaps,... this is Lucas's way of getting rid of all those people who made fun of Star Wars (and fans like me) later into the 80s and get down to the base core fan group. This could be like 'culling the herd' of leftover wanna-bes. If you make enough obvious hints for those party-poopers out there, they will get disgusted and leave.

If this is true, then I encourage it. Keep on 'trimming the fat,' George. Eventually, I will be the only TRUE fan left.


I've got a fever... and the only prescription is MORE COW BELL!!

In tonight's "You-never-know-what-you-can-get-unless-you-ask" moment, I'd like to tell you about something great that happened tonight at Walgreens. My daughter is sick and the doctor prescribed a certain anti-biotic. We picked it up at Walgreens yesterday night. Then today, we get a call from the Doc and further tests revealed that this specific strain is resistant to the specific type of medicine originally prescribed. So the Dr. called Walgreens Pharmacy to get us something new instead. The prescription was ready when I got there but I'd also brought the old medication with me. I asked the nice lady behind the counter what I should do with it. Should I just throw it out? Could they properly dispose of it? They wouldn't be able to refund the $10 I paid for it, would they? I mean, they can't sell it to someone else, so it has to be thrown out.

Would you believe that the nice lady behind the counter actually offered me the discount! I got the new medication for the same price and therefore paid nothing. Say what you want, but I thought it was impressive and great customer service.


Lucasarts Releases Concept Art

Lucasarts has released concept art for Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith. There are two images on their site as of today, one of a special elite clone trooper -- called a sky trooper -- that has a special jet pack. The other image is an ARC fighter, a special starship that seems to be a cross between an X-wing and the N1 fighter from Naboo or the Jedi Starfighter.

I've also discovered a few webmaster downloads that can be used on Star Wars fan pages and I plan to use them eventually. The first is listed below.


Gateway Kinship & Grandparents Network

Lisa's group from work has a work-in-progress copy of what I am looking to do for their website.
http://b.arconati.us currently down
I stayed up pretty late getting it done last night and am dead tired. Also, mom now has two Ebay listings for old stuff/toys of Frank's that she is getting rid of. It will be easier to find a collector on Ebay rather than the local garage sales she does. We probably set the reserve price too high and no one has bid on them yet, but I am hopful.

Xmen's WOLVERINE 16" w/ removable mask 1991
Update: So far, selling on Ebay has not been the breeze that I thought it might be. We are still working on getting some of Frank's less valuable & more plentiful stuff catalogued & priced based off of similar stuff on Ebay and may be getting ready to do something large in the coming months.


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