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$5.87 per Gallon

A gas station in Stockbridge, Ga., posts prices for gasoline from $5.87 to $6.07 per gallon Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2005. (AP Photo/Gene Blythe)


Two Years - and Counting!

It occured to me today that my blog has been around for two years and counting this month. My first post was technically a test post I started on 2003-08-13, but I couldn't get it to work right until 2003-08-22. What humble beginnings! My total number of posts at this point is 113. That's about a post a week as it averages out. But that's specifically for this blog only. I have -here let me count... oh my, I have 11 separate blogs, most of which I touch rarely, or have abandoned for this one, my main one. Most all were hosted as part of the Arconati.us site prior to it coming down from the server (due to technical problems) on or around 2005-07-16 and were used for various bits and pieces, but some were just on blogspot and shall remain there.

As of right now, there is not much on the Arconati.us site. I currently have one page for the home, with a few rough-shod navigation links, a header and description ... AND I've got a javascript feed of my del.icio.us links. The code and instructions for setting this up can be found at del.icio.us: javascript feeds

I waited until this very moment to add a style sheet to the site in it's new form. I'm really kind of torn at the moment. Do I simply upload the entire old site that I have backed up here on my hard drive and then tweak (and tweak and tweak) it until it is what I want it to be? Or do I instead simply recreate the entire thing from the ground up -- of course using the previous version and some of it's URL path scheme / organization as a reference? What a quandary!



Arconati.us back on hosting with Hermess.org

The site is back up and running, although there is just one page for now. There are three navigation links on the left to Home, my blog and Mudhorny.com. On the right, I've added a feature that simply pulls up all the URLs that I've been adding to my del.icio.us account.
What's unfortunate (and kinda funny), Google cached my page as the DNS was updating. But what can you do, right? According to my toolbar, I still have a PageRank of 1/10.

Tom Hanks Faces 'Da Vinci Code' Protests

What does our heavenly father think about folks who actually read the book before deciding that it was worth protesting?
Tom Hanks Faces Da Vinci Code Protests: Tom Hanks and the rest of the cast of The Da Vinci Code found themselves in trouble, as the shooting location in East England was blocked by protesters.
Sister Mary Michael protested against the shooting of The Da Vinci Code based on the blockbuster book of the same title. She admitted that she had never read the thriller by Dan Brown, but what she had heard about it was enough to urge her to stage this protest.
I'll have to pray about this one, because to read the nun's quoted words makes me mad. Is it wrong to pass judgement on something, simply based on an assumption and rumors? Yet, are the historical ideas going on in the Da Vinci Code leading weak believers and non-believers down a path to question the divinity of Jesus? Should the book and/or movie be protested for this?

Star Wars Episode VII Planned???

Where did this come from? This news source is a fashion site and does not cite the source of their information. Sounds just a bit fishy to me.
There are [sic] great news for Star Wars fans - a seventh blockbuster is being planned for the series, although director George Lucas had previously said the current 'Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the...



Webster University's website lists Spoondrift on an entry I found on their calendar back on 1998-09-14. Check it out here on the Inside Webster Calendar


GoDaddy.com domains for $5.19 USD [GTAForums.com]

This simply sounded too good to be true, but I can verify that it was definitely valid. Check it out on GTAForums.com

Update: Well, I checked into this today and it turns out that this method will no longer work to get the domain name for $5.19, but you can still get one for about $7 or less.


55,000 without power after weekend storms - KMOV.com

Over the weekend, we were without power for about 24-36 hours. It was pretty nasty at night with no air conditioning and no television or radio (not counting the battery operated one) to help the kids fall asleep, but it could have been a lot worse. My neighbors across the way were still without power this morning.


Blog*Spot Problem Fixed

I've run into the problem I mentioned in the previous post before, but I didn't wait very long last time to clear that account and create a new one. With that blog, it wouldn't have been that much work to migrate, but for this blog, it would be a lot more difficult.

Enough for the night. I will be slowly rebuilding the site over the next couple of days. Thanks!


Bug within Blogger and Blog*Spot

Perhaps this is logged somewhere but I cannot find it at this time. Right now, I cannot post this blog anywhere because my hosting on Sparky's server is not available so I have been getting ready to 'temporarily' remove the hosting of this blog from Arconati.us at Arconati.us/blog.asp through standard FTP posting and repost it into Blog*Spot's server. This should be a simple process of removing the FTP settings for the server and setting it back to Blog*Spot. But I'm getting an FTP login error from the blogger interface for some dumb reason. I've tried it a few times with same results even trying to repost older links, changing some settings back to default, setting things back to minimal wizbangs and dancing monkeys, and still I get this same error.

004 dk.eos.net.FtpError: Login incorrect.

I can't even post this at the moment... any ideas?

Update (2005/08/11): Problem fixed now.

Update (2007/01/16): I think I have found the resolution just in case anyone else was curious.

Simply, delete the browser cache, re-login to you blogger account, republish and everything back to normal.

With the latest version of Blogger, I no longer think this is going to be a problem, but I wanted to update this page with the details I just recently found. I'm no longer publishing this blog via FTP at any rate but using Blogger's new Custom Domains Feature so that changes everything.

St. Fu


Sloganizer.net - Image generator for your slogan

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Random Blog Blog Blogger Blogs

I think it is entirely possible that the blogosphere is entirely too big already (like the internet itself) and according to the experts at Technorati.com, there is a new blog born every second. But are these blogs worth anything? What are they about really? If you host your blog with Blogspot, as I am doing, then you are probably familiar with the 'blogthis' search bar at the top of the page that is (supposed to be) there as part of your terms of service with Blogger. There is a button that anyone can click that takes them from the blog they are on to a random blog somewhere else. There are template tricks that prevent this bar from appearing, but assuming it is there, a reader can simply 'channel-surf' from one blog to the next if they feel like it, but I don't see a reason at this time to do so. Here are the random results I got just now, and a short description of what I found there.

yu's whimsicals and idiocies
A personal blog from Singapore, talking about love, a trip to Sydney (Australia) complete with pictures of fireworks and collages, a tagboard, and a post-dated post from April 1st, in 2000 (before Blogger was around).
in life, not everything is predictable, just as not everything is unpredictable too. life is full of uncertainties, u'll never know when it'll be taken away from u. live everyday in the present; u won't regret. yesterday is past, tomorrow is too far. time is never too late. it's all 'bout treasuring that counts.
This blog currently appears to be having a problem caused by Blogger's recent changes with posting images causing the body or content to not line up properly with the side navigation. Go to Blogger's Help Page to fix this.
Collard Patch
A heavily Adwords supported site, about recipes, links to other blogs.
The Collard Patch is a friendly place where you are welcome to visit as long as you don't step on the collards. Please share your recollections, recipes, and musings.
The writer has ...a variety of interests, which are reflected in publishing and writing. I love Internet marketing, writing cookbooks and novels, nursing, and caring for a dog. Most of all, I love hearing what other people think.
passing thoughts
Blog by Viji from Bangalore in India, with quotes, pictures, political humor
welcome morning
An incoherent (in english) blog by a poster in Indonesia, with one post with a record 9+ font color changes in one paragraph.
anne beaver thomsen
consumed with the thoughts of a handsome and smart philosopher and the greatness of nutella
Bridal showers, golf lessons and sarcasm: my life is just so exciting i can hardly stand it.
Corrupted Mind
I SPAM U is in the URL, but this guy (Sathya Sankaran) was apparently ruined by Education. I was born Brilliant. Education ruined me...
Though this blogger is from Thailand and I don't know the language, I can tell from the few minimal posts here that this is a developer, with links to MSDN and some example code with Public Function IsRightDigit(ByVal tmpCitizenID As String) As Boolean
From a Room in Roppongi
Another blogger from the far east, this time Tokyo, Japan. A mom's blog, with pictures of her children and family, a flickr board and random links. It would also appear that she took part in the MIT blogger survey -- just like me!
pieces of memories
Here is the first blog with a very custom template, with cutesy icons, Japanese, cartoons, tagboards and stuff in scrollable iframes. I don't think it is in english. Of course, I couldn't go a full ten rolls of the random blog wheel without getting one that had purposely or accidentally removed the blogger navbar at the top -- forcing me to start over again.
Detrás de mi ventana...
And our last entry here is a blog in Spanish, Mi propio espacio para divagar sobre lo que yo quiera...

I'm so very surprised that I didn't land on a SPAM-BLOG. They are getting numerous lately and despite the fact that in order to post entries, Blogger makes you jump through hoops, so many of them appear to be posted by some sort of automated process. Anyway, despite the above descriptions, some of these blogs are junk and some are not, even if none of them are Spam-blogs.

Don't like these blogs that I found? Discover your own golden nuggets in a random BlogSpot Blog.


The Pop vs. Soda Page

I say 'Soda,' Lisa says 'Soda,' but was raised saying 'Pop' and her family all say 'Pop' but apparently I was wrong in my thought that these were the only two variables out there and St. Louis was the only place in the world where folks said 'Soda' (or the ever-popular 'So-dee' - whatever the heck that is).


Horizontal Lines

This is an interesting way to do a horizontal rule. Rather than the actual <hr /> tag, this method uses three <div /> tags, each with a different background-color assigned to it. The tutorial that I found at this page - http://www.angelfire.com/fl5/html-tutorial/tables/lines.htm - suggests doing this sort of thing in tables and three table rows, indicating that this was better than an <hr /> tag. I modified the idea to work for <div /> since I am following the movement away from tables to accomplish layout elements rather than presenting tabular data, which is what they (<table />s) are actually for.
Note that the code for these <div />s cannot be 'pretty-printed' or it messes things up.


Star Wars: For the Last Time

My mom mentioned about a week ago that she still hasn't seen the new (last) Star Wars movie. Checking today, I found only ONE local movie theater still showing it. I think I want to go this weekend, one last time. May the Force be with you forever. MovieTickets.com. Purchase movie tickets online.


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